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Henry Kissinger and Chou en-Lai

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Henry Kissinger and Chou en-Lai
White House
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Banquet given by Chou En-lai, Premier of the People's Republic of China for the American party in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China on October 20, 1971. Left to right: Henry A. Kissinger, Assistant to the President [of the United States] for National Security Affairs; Chou En-lai; and Dwight L. Chapin, Deputy Assistant to the President [of the United States].

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Picture Alliance/DPA / Bridgeman Images
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Stati Uniti d'America / Nord america / America (continente) / uomo / bianco e nero / foto / Kissinger Henry (n.1923) / politico / Chine China / guerre froide cold war / 1970-1979 70's annees 70 / homme politique politician / repas meal
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