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The pineapple boy, 20th century (watercolour)

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The pineapple boy, 20th century (watercolour)
Castelao, Alfonso Daniel Rodriguez (1886-1950) / Spanish
Museo de Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain
C20th AD

A child enlacing a tree trunk like a koala, sleeps peacefully. Painting by Daniel Alfonso Rodriguez Castelao (1886-1950) Watercolor. Spain, Museum of Pontevedra. Rights reserved Warning! The use of this work may be subject to a request for authorization from a third party or to the payment of additional fees

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20th century / 20 century / XX century / XXth century / twentieth century / 20 20th xx xxth twentieth century / 20 20th xx xxth century / pineapple / fruit / botany / natural history / science / food / tree / boy / child / children / kid / painting / paint / art / sleep / asleep / nap / tree trunk / watercolour /

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