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Carlos Cruz-Diez in the Ambientacio n de Color Aditivo Simo n Boli var International Airport...

Carlos Cruz-Diez in the Ambientación de Color Aditivo, Simón Bolívar International Airport, Maiquetía, Venezuela, 1974 (photo)
Cruz-Diez, Carlos (1923-2019) / Venezuelan
Lieu de conservation
Atelier Cruz-Diez, Paris, France
1974 AD (C20th AD)
Crédit Photo
© Courtesy of Atelier Cruz-Diez Paris / Bridgeman Images
20th century / airport / aircraft / aviation / 1970s / art / contemporary art / artist / Bolivia / South America / Latine America / America (continent) / colour / optical effect / optical phenomenon / man / art installation / light / male / animal / wildlife / multicoloured / mix-color / photography / portrait / sculpture / Venezuela / photo / Kinetic Art / Cruz-Diez Carlos (1923-2019) / Op Art / art movement /

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