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Imperial family of Russia. Tsar Nicholas II is seated with His wife Alexandra and daughters...

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Imperial family of Russia. Tsar Nicholas II is seated with His wife Alexandra and daughters Olg, Tatiana, Mary and Anastasia, circa 1914 (photo)
Unknown photographer, (20th century)
Giancarlo Costa
Private Collection
c. 1914 AD (C20th AD)
Image description

Great Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia (Olga Nikolaievna Romanova) (1895-1918), Great Duchess Mary (Maria Nikolaevna of Russia) (Maria Nikolaievna Romanova) (1899-1918), Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1918), the Tsarine Alexandra Fyodorovna (Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova, Alexandra Fiodorovna Romanova, Victoria Alix Helene Louise Beatrice of Hesse and the Rhine, Alix of Hesse-Darmstadt (Alix of Hesse Darmstadt) (1872-1918), Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia (Anastasia Nikolaevna) (1901-1918), Tsarevich Alexei (Alexis) Nicolaevich Romanov (1904) -1918) and Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaievna of Russia (Tatiana Nikolaievna Romanova) (1897-1918). Photography around 1914.

Photo credit
© Giancarlo Costa / Bridgeman Images
Image keywords
20th century / Nicholas II tsar of Russia (1868-1918) / Romanov / Russia / queen / russia / russian / monarchy / king / romanov / family / Costa / Nicholas II (1868-1918)
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