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Seville, 1914 (litho)
Steiner-Prag, Hugo (1880-1945) / Czech
Leo Baeck Institute at the Center for Jewish History, NY, USA
1914 AD (C20th AD)
41x32 cms
The son of a bookseller, Hugo Steiner-Prag attended the Academy of Arts in Prague since 1898 and continued his education at the Munich Art Academy from 1901 to 1903, where he was a student of Peter Halm and Franz von Stuck. In 1905 he converted from Judaism to Catholicism and became a German citizen in 1907; during this time he worked at the Barmer Kunstgewerbeschule, where he was appointed to the Royal Academy of Graphic Arts and Printing Arts in Leipzig. Since 1910 he held a chair there and was also artistic director of the Propylaea publishing house in Berlin. Steiner-Prag was known for his illustrations of Lenau's poems, Andersen's fairy tales and Hoffmann's "The Devil's Elixirs"; in 1915, he illustrated Gustav Meyrink's novel "The Golem". Steiner-Prag was president of the International Book Exhibition in Leipzig in 1919 and again in 1927 and organized the book departments of German exhibitions in Barcelona, Lyon, Paris, Pittsburgh and New York. Hugo Steiner-Prag emigrated to Sweden in 1939 and finally to the United States in 1941
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© Leo Baeck Institute / Photo © Leo Baeck Institute / Bridgeman Images
/ City and town life / crowds in art / public spaces / lithographs

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