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German children with rickets receive medical care, 1920

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German children with rickets receive medical care, 1920
1920 AD (C20th AD)

Intertitle: This boy is only 13 years old! He looks weak, has pale skin, does not have any body fat. Shots: doctor investigates second, smaller boy that has bow-legs. The doctor notices the weak skin, and feels the neck. Intertitle: Swollen glands. Shots: Doctor feels the neck again. Intertitle: Swollen ribs due to rickets. Shots: feels the chest of the boy Intertitle: Pale mucous membrane due to anemia from the malnourishment. Shots: Doctor looks at eyes and throat. Intertitle: There are large spaces between the ribs due to malnutrition. Shot: Doctor feels the ribs, and measures chest size. Intertitle: The rickets has dramatically increased. Two and three-year-olds cannot sit and walk on their own. Shot: mother holds up toddler that drags its feet. Intertitle: The body of the child is swollen, which troubles its breathing. The limbs are curved due to the bones that are curved.

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The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision / Bridgeman Images
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