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Documentary "Not For Conquest - Facing Communist Aggression" USA 1960s (part 9/10)
01:23:20:03 Piasecki H-21 Shawnee Troop transport helicopter landing and unloading ARVN soldiers. Camouflaged tanks used by ARVN soldiers in South Vietnam. At a news conference Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara explains why U.S. ground combat units troops will be deployed sent to South Vietnam. Build-up of U.S. ground forces in South Vietnam. American ground combat forces troops arriving in South Vietnam by plane, by ship, and by landing craft. 01:25:08:03 U.S. troops deployed to Vietcong strongholds. Shows troops transported by UH1 Huey helicopters to start of patrol in Vietnam, U.S. troops on patrol in Vietnam. Airstrikes by U.S. fighter-bombers. B-52 Stratofortress bombers carpet bombing area in Vietnam, ground explosions as bombs strike target. B-52 bombers in flight over South Vietnam. U.S. Navy ships fire guns in naval bombardment of South Vietnam coastline in support of combat troops. Door gunner on helicopter firing gun. CU of track-mounted artillery firing at unseen enemy targets. CU of Vietcong prisoners. Dust-off medical evacuation helicopter, wounded U.S. soldier placed onboard. CU of Red Cross symbol emblem and Dust Off on side of helicopter. Flag draped caskets of two U.S. Servicemen killed in Vietnam. Flag draped caskets are loaded onto aircraft plane after the two servicemen are honored.
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