Bridgeman Images is excited to announce our newest content partnership with GEO Image Collection

Covering the Earth’s diverse environments and cultures, the photographs in National Geographic have engaged, educated, and often astonished millions of readers for over a century.

GEO Image Collection showcases many of the best photographs produced on assignment for National Geographic Magazine and other publications of the National Geographic Society. Each photograph in Geo Image Collection is characterized by the compelling storytelling, authenticity, and professional quality that is the esteemed legacy of National Geographic.
Bridgeman Images is the exclusive licensor for over 15,000 photographs taken on assignment for National Geographic publications by over 30 photographers.


Regional | Americas. [Clockwise from upper left] E.L. Wisherd, Louisiana 1929; Nathan Benn, Cape Canaveral Florida; Bill Frakes, Cody Nebraska; Nathan Benn, Hickman Kentucky; James Stanfield, Louisiana Bayou.

Every image within this collection conveys its own story, from environmental to industrial scenes. 


Regional | Africa. Karen Kasmauski, Nairobi Kenya; James Stanfield, Djenné Mali; James Stanfield, Fez
Morocco; Ira Block, Chefchaouen Morocco; Karen Kasmauski, Maasai.

The categories include regional photography; from America to Africa, Archaeology, Architecture, Education and Literacy, Faith, Industry and even Nutrition. The 30 photographers have chosen to focus in on one of these specific industries, ensuring an array of images has been collected. 
Education & Literacy. Nathan Benn, Brooklyn NY; Karen Kasmauski, Masulita Village Uganda; Ted Spiegel, vocational school North Carolina 1965; Michael Yamashita, Tibetan nuns Sichuan China; Dean Conger, Stratford-upon-Avon England 1964.

The photographs show exclusive access to remote communities, allowing the reader to immerse themselves in a variety of cultures.  

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