Bridgeman Images is proud to represent the Photo Josse Archive. Photo Josse has established itself as one of the largest producers of the highest-quality art images globally. Started in 1968 by the efforts of a lone photographer excited by the possibilities of capturing the world’s most inspiring artworks, their archive has grown to hold an impressive array of image reproductions. 


French Revolution: "Demolition of the Bastille on July 17, 1789", 1789 (oil on canvas), Pierre-Antoine Demachy (1723-1807) / Musee de la Ville de Paris, Musée Carnavalet, Paris, France / Photo © Photo Josse / Bridgeman Images

Photo Josse: Beginnings

Photo Josse began in 1968 when Hubert Josse took the risk of creating a company solely dedicated to the photography of art. This move was made after Hubert had finished studying photography at the Louis Lumière school in Paris and after he had worked for several other companies in this field. Hubert’s talented and experienced eye enabled him to perceive the opportunity in the growing demand for new photographic renderings of artworks for both publishers and museums. 

Naked Woman Seated, 1917, Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920), / Private Collection / Photo Josse / Bridgeman Images

Photo Josse: Process

What made Hubert’s operation so successful was his dedication to managing the entire chain of production when it came to an image from the photo shoots, to the developing of the images, and production of prints, both in black and white and color. Alongside this, Hubert created an archive for his photographs to enable him to respond efficiently to clients' requests and have an organized local space for his work. From this dedication and attention to detail Josse had control over the mechanics of the image's creation, ensuring it maintained a quality of the highest caliber, which in turn established for himself a serious and respected reputation in the field of art photography.

Liberty leading the People, July the 28th, 1830 (oil on canvas), Ferdinand Victor Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863) / Louvre, Paris, France / Photo © Photo Josse / Bridgeman Images

Photo Josse: Reputation

In addition to fulfilling client requests in Paris, the company expanded its horizons and reach, organizing photo campaigns throughout France and Europe. Due to the recognition that Photo Josse had gained for its ability to produce art photographs of the highest quality, requests increased from both small locations and well-known institutions, such as the Prado Museum in Madrid and the Louvre in Paris. 

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Today the archive boasts a variety of treasures from a Neolithic millstone to Picasso’s final drawing, as well as lesser-known gems, including engravings illustrating the tales of Charles Perrault (1628-1703), and plates from the Meiji era in Japan. The images capture works completed in all media - from paintings, sculptures and miniatures, all traversing the history of civilization and the arts.

The Banquet in the Pine Forest, 1483, Sandro Botticelli (c. 1445-1510) / Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain/ Photo Josse / Bridgeman Images

Photo Josse: Today

The company takes great pride in Josse’s legacy and continues to be family run. Today, Hubert Josse's adventure is run by the third generation of the Josse family, Hubert’s grandson Arnaud, who follows his father Jean-Louis in continuing the family business. Through the family’s determination and passion for the company, they have managed to maintain complete control over the production chain, which was always fundamental to Hubert’s success and the exceptional quality of the images.

The Thames at Charing Cross, London, 1903, Claude Monet (1840-1926) / Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lyon, France / Photo Josse / Bridgeman Images

Photo Josse: Innovation

Photo Josse is connected to a large network of museums, publishers, auction houses, and various other cultural institutions and private sources. Over time, the job has evolved from being solely about image reproduction of the highest quality, with Photo Josse now playing a fundamental role in the creation of new images and reproductions, working alongside the artists to create artworks of their own. 

Moonlight fishing, 1773, Claude Joseph Vernet (1714-1789) / Louvre, Paris, France / Photo Josse / Bridgeman Images

With the growing potential and opportunities to enhance creation and output brought by developments in technology, Photo Josse has evolved into the digital sphere and harnessed new, inventive, and sophisticated techniques and equipment to ensure an even higher standard of image reproduction.

Study for 'The Constructors, Blue Background', 1950-1951, Fernand Léger  (1881-1955) / Musée Léger, Biot, France / Photo Josse / Bridgeman Images

With eyes still set on the future of art photography, Photo Josse remains focused on offering the best quality service for its customers and is excited about the opportunity to participate in the creation of works which result in new images.

Bridgeman Images admires the achievements of Photo Josse and shares in the excitement for the future of our partnership. 

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