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Death of Cain; entering the ark

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Death of Cain; entering the ark
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British Library, London, UK
Image description

Egerton Genesis Picture Book England; circa 1360 Language: French Source/Shelfmark: Egerton 1894, f.3 [Whole folio] Three scenes. Lamech kills Cain with bow and arrow. Death of the boy Jabal. Below, Noah and family enter the ark. The wives of Noah's sons are in the ark; Shem, Ham, and Japhet, carring animals, are on ladders about to enter. Behind, Noah, carrying a ram and leaning on a staff, and Puarphara, his wife, with a small bull, approach the ark. Image taken from Egerton Genesis Picture Book. Originally published/produced in England; circa 1360.

Photo credit
From the British Library archive / Bridgeman Images
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weapon / Bible / boy / child / Noah's Ark / Bible (scene) / religious books / equipment / weapons and ammunition / watercraft / ark / cain / social role / dead / weapon / vehicle / death / religious works / water vehicle / maritime transport / tools and equipment / noah / religious texts / male / families / transportation / family / transport
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