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The Seine at Bas-Meudon, 1865 (oil on fabric)

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IMAGE number
Image title
The Seine at Bas-Meudon, 1865 (oil on fabric)
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Jongkind, Johan-Barthold (1819-91) / Dutch
Cleveland Museum of Art, OH, USA
oil on fabric
55.56x69.53 (framed) 34.1x48.1 (unframed) cms
Image description

Although born and trained in Holland, Jongkind spent much of his life painting outdoors in France. In this depiction of Bas-Meudon near Paris, the artist applied paint in small patches of bright color to suggest the intensity of outdoor light. Although typcially finished in the studio from open-air sketches, Jongkind's oil paintings achieve a convincing immediacy that greatly impressed the young Claude Monet. The two met in the early 1860s and spent part of a summer painting together along the coast of Normandy. "From that time he was my real master," Monet later acknowledged, "it was to him that I owe the final education of my eye."

Photo credit
Gift of the family of Constance Mather Bishop / Bridgeman Images
Image keywords
19th century / tree / boat / transport / carriage / cloud / weather / reflection / oil on canvas / impressionism / impressionist / horse and cart / tree / french landscape / canal / riverbank / plein air / town / river seine / Painting / Mzpainting

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