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Tiger, c.1960s-80s (ink & opaque w/c on paper)
Indian School, (20th century) / Indian
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania, PA, USA
ink and opaque watercolour on paper
51.8 x 77.2 cms
Made in Bihar, India. The tiger population in Bengal today is very limited and found almost exclusively in the mangrove swamps of the southern delta, known as the Sundarbans. In the past, however, tigers roamed the vast region in great numbers, posing a formidable threat to humans and domestic animals. For this reason the tiger figures prominently in Bengali culture, as a character in many local tales, a protector deity in both Hindu and Muslim belief, and a formidable presence in the visual arts.
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© Philadelphia Museum of Art / Stella Kramrisch Collection, 1994 / Bridgeman Images
20th century / 20 century / XX century / XXth century / twentieth century / 20 20th xx xxth twentieth century / 20 20th xx xxth century / 20 20th 20th XX XXth 20th century / c20th / chequered / roaring / colourful / indian / tiger / deity / roar / bengali
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