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Ornamental Brooch, c.100-300 (bronze and champlevé enamel)

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Image title
Ornamental Brooch, c.100-300 (bronze and champlevé enamel)
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Gallo-Roman / French
Cleveland Museum of Art, OH, USA
bronze and champleve enamel
h:2.70 w:2.60 d:0.70 cms
Image description

These brooches functioned as garment clasps (much like the generally larger fibulae) and are distinctive for their decorative enamels. The art of enameling was highly popular among the conquered peoples who lived on the outskirts of the Roman empire, chiefly the Celts and the Gauls. Though the enameling technique was practiced by the Romans themselves on small objects, the brightly colored decoration readily appealed to "barbarian" taste. By the 200s ad, enameled brooches like these were being made in abundance by the native peoples of Britain and Gaul (modern France and Belgium).

Photo credit
Purchase from the J. H. Wade Fund / Bridgeman Images
Image keywords
object / c03rd / classical antiquities / brooch / ancient rome / artefact / artifact / romano-british / migration period / c02nd / roman / gallo-roman

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