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Cotton MS Faustina B V, William de la Dene, Historia Roffensis, 1314-50 (parchment)

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Cotton MS Faustina B V, William de la Dene, Historia Roffensis, 1314-50 (parchment)
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English School, (14th century) / English
British Library, London, UK
1315 AD - 1350 AD (C14th AD)
Image description

The Historia Roffensis (History of Rochester) is a biographical chronicle in Latin, written at Rochester Cathedral Priory and attributed to William de la Dene, a public notary who worked between 1317 and 1354. The manuscript also provides a first-hand account of the Black Death.

Photo credit
From the British Library archive / Bridgeman Images
Image keywords
14th century / England / United Kingdom / Europe / history / latin script / manuscript / Middle Ages / plague / epidemic / illness / nobody / black and white / parchment
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