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Statue of Heqat, the Frog Goddess, c.2950 BC (travertine (Egyptian alabaster))

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Statue of Heqat, the Frog Goddess, c.2950 BC (travertine (Egyptian alabaster))
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Egyptian, Predynastic Period (c.5000-c.3100 BC) / Egyptian
Cleveland Museum of Art, OH, USA
travertine (egyptian alabaster)
2950 AD (C30th AD)
15.4x14.7x15.5 cms
Image description

During the Predynastic Period statues of animals are much more common than those of humans. This statue of a frog stands at the beginning of a great tradition of animal sculpture in Egyptian art. The sculptor has shown great sensitivity to the natural banding of the stone, using it to enhance the roundness of the animal’s form. Small frogs, mostly of faience, are among the most common votive offerings deposited at early temple sites. The frog’s exact religious significance in the Predynastic Period is unknown, but in later times it was most often identified with Heqat, the goddess who assisted at childbirth. Egypt, Predynastic Period, Late Naqada III Period (3100-2950 BC) to Early Dynastic Period, Early Dynasty 1 (2950-2573 BC)

Photo credit
Andrew R. and Martha Holden Jennings Fund / Bridgeman Images
Image keywords
amphibian / reptile / animal / egyptian / sculpture / goddess / deity / faience / frog / ancient egypt / pre-dynastic / statuette / statue

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