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Portrait of James Stanley, Seventh Earl of Derby (oil on canvas)

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Portrait of James Stanley, Seventh Earl of Derby (oil on canvas)
Dyck, Anthony van (1599-1641) (follower of) / Flemish
Manx National Heritage (Isle of Man)
oil on canvas
153x98 cms

Stanley wears the full plate armour of a cuirassier or Heavy Cavalryman and in his right hand holds a baton. He is wearing a Lesser George, the insignia of the Order of the Garter (a badge depicting St George slaying the Dragon) on a gold chain around his neck. The KG in the inscription identifies him as a Knight of the Garter, an order to which he was admitted in 1650. The portrait confirms Stanley’s status as a commanding officer. It also shows him to be a true supporter of the Royalist cause and held in high esteem by his King. A rocky outcrop forms the background along with an encampment of cavalry troops bearing the Royal Standard and the Stanley emblem of the Eagle and Child. James Stanley stands in the foreground as their commanding officer, possibly waiting to lead them into battle. Mid-late 17th century.

Photo credit
© Manx National Heritage / Bridgeman Images
aristocracy / aristocrat / aristocraty / society / armour / isle of man / aristocrat / english civil war / man / royalist / earl of derby / baroque / military / britain / british / order of the garter / male / three-quarter length / painting / jacobean / bolton / james stanley / manx / Painting / Mzpainting

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