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Bridgeman Images utilised for The Queen Unseen on ITV

Client: Unseen Footage Ltd
Sector: TV & Film
Content Used: Never previously broadcasted clip from the Philip de László archive.
First Broadcast: Thursday 8 April 2021 on ITV at 9pm. Also available on ITV Hub.



The Queen Unseen
The Queen Unseen / ITV © all rights reserved


Bridgeman Images are proud to share information about our collaboration with Jenny Borthwick and Unseen Footage Ltd on their production of The Queen Unseen, broadcasted on ITV.

ITV was developing new programme ideas and concept for The Queen Unseen was one of them. The documentary was only going to be commissioned if they could find sufficient material to support its theme. 


unseen footage of the Queen as a little girl
© Philip de László Archive / Bridgeman Images


The brief was simple: find footage of Queen Elizabeth that, if possible, it could be proven had never been broadcast before.


unseen footage of the Queen as a little girl
© Philip de László Archive / Bridgeman Images


After viewing a number of clips the choice fell on a short film held in the private archive of the painter Philip de László.

After the confirmation that the clip has never been broadcasted before, the client then decided to acquire a semi-exclusive license.


unseen footage of the Queen as a little girl
© Philip de László Archive / Bridgeman Images


The Queen Unseen

A look at the HM The Queen’s Coronation, an event which was televised to a huge global audience and personal insights on her majesty from those who know her best.

Featuring interviews and personal stories from those who know the HM The Queen and have worked alongside her, this documentary shows her as a wife, mother, animal lover, cook, farmer and comedian, lifting the mask royalty brings to show who she really is.




Bridgeman Images

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