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Ritual Impersonator of the Deity Xipe Totec, possibly Central Veracruz, 1450/1500 (ceramic & pigment)

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Image title
Ritual Impersonator of the Deity Xipe Totec, possibly Central Veracruz, 1450/1500 (ceramic & pigment)
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Aztec, (15th century)
The Art Institute of Chicago, IL, USA
ceramic and pigment
1450 AD - 1500 AD (C15th AD)
height: 58.4 cms
Image description

As a god of the late dry season and early rainy season (May–June), Xipe Totec (“The Flayed One”) expresses regeneration. By the time of Spanish contact in 1519, the cult of this deity was widespread throughout Mesoamerica. This figure depicts a young male wearing the skin of a sacrificed victim, a primary symbolic aspect of rituals conducted during agricultural fertility ceremonies dedicated to this deity. The lines across the chest represent stitched seams where the skin was fastened. Like living seed within a dried husk, the deity impersonator embodies the relationship between death and the renewal of life.

Photo credit
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Marx / Bridgeman Images
Image keywords
Central America / America (continent) / aztec / Mexico / North America / Mesoamerican civilization / nudity / pre columbian / sculpture / precolumbian / artefact / mexican / artifact / stone / mesoamerican / central american / pre-columbian / aztec / male / spirituality / ritual / deity / god / impersonator / xipe totec / veracruz

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