Collection Spotlight: Ferens Art Gallery

Explore the Ferens Art Gallery, a delightful collection represented by Bridgeman spanning the medieval period to the present day.

The Ferens Art Gallery has a magnificent collection of paintings and sculptures, including works by European Old Masters, portraiture, marine painting, and modern and contemporary British art. The gallery is based in Hull, the 2017 UK City of Culture and will host this year's Turner prize in December.  


John Lee and his Family, c.1800 (oil on canvas), Russell, John (1745-1806) / Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Museums, UK

Opened in 1927, the gallery is named after Thomas Ferens, a British politician, who donated the gallery to Hull.

Ulysses and the Sirens, 1909 (oil on canvas), Herbert James Draper (1864-1920) / Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Museums, UK


The gallery's collection includes masterpieces by Lorenzetti, Frans Hals, Antonio Canaletto, Frederick Leighton, Stanley Spencer, David Hockney, Helen Chadwick and Gillian Wearing.
Greenhouse and Garden, 1937 (oil on canvas), Stanley Spencer (1891-1959) / Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Museums, UK


Mr Wyndham Lewis as a Tyro, c.1920-21 (oil on canvas), Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957) / Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Museums, UK


The Ferens Art Gallery is currently hosting SKIN: FREUD, MUECK AND TUNICK

The exhibition explores the nude and the depiction of skin. It is officially the largest nude installation in the UK, and in honour of the exhibition, over 3,200 participants from across the world painted their skin with blue body paint, dramatically transforming Hull’s urban landscape and reflecting the city’s maritime history.


Two Men, 1987-88, Lucian Freud (1922-2011) / National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh


Kirsten Simister, Curator of Art at Ferens Art Gallery, says:

"SKIN particularly resonates with one of the UK City of Culture's themes, Freedom. What is freedom if not to be at home in one’s own body? And how much freedom is allowed if we want to explore nakedness in art? This is the kind of question we want to pose to our audiences through the exhibition.

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