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th Queen's Own Hussars under Sir Edward Kerrison charging the French at Quatre Bras w...

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7th Queen's Own Hussars under Sir Edward Kerrison, charging the French at Quatre Bras, 1818 (w/c on paper)
Dighton, Denis (1792-1827) / English
Brown University Library, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
watercolour on paper
1818 AD (C19th AD)
54.5x66 cms

At the Battle of Quatre Bras on 16th June 1815, during the Waterloo Capaign of the Napoleonic Wars, Wellington's Anglo-Dutch army encountered the left wing of the Armée du Nord under Marshal Michel Ney. Sir Edward Kerrison (1776-1853) led the Seventh Light Dragoons, also called the 7th Queen's Own Hussars.

Foto Credit
© Brown University Library / Bridgeman Images
battle / cavalry / army / horse / animal / farm animal / fight / battles / soldier / charging / landscape / windmill / uniform / seventh light dragoons / quatre bras / european / waterloo campaign / charge / napoleonic wars / belgium / horses / battlefield / fighting / windmills / dragoon / horsemen / horseman / soldiers / fight / europe / uniformed / horse / sir edward kerrison / 7th queen's own hussars / Painting / Mzpainting

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