Nash, John Northcote (1893-1977)

1893-1977 John Northcote Nash, British painter, wood-engraver, and illustrator was born on 11 April in London. He had no formal art training but was urged by his brother Paul Nash [11 May 1889 – 11 Jul 1946] to develop his natural talent as a draftsman. His early work was in watercolor and included biblical scenes, comic drawings and landscapes. A joint exhibition with Paul at the Dorien Leigh Gallery, London, in 1913 was successful, and John was invited to become a founder-member of the London Group in 1914 and to join the Cumberland Market Group in 1915. On the outbreak of the First World War, Nash joined the First Artist Rifles. He began painting in oils with the encouragement of Harold Gilman, whose meticulous craftsmanship influenced his finest landscapes such as The Cornfield (1918).

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