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About Us

Bridgeman Studio 

Bridgeman Studio is part of Bridgeman Images - the leading specialist in contemporary art, cultural and historical media for reproduction. We represent almost 1000 artists for licensing right across publishing, editorial, advertising, television, design and product sectors. We also administer copyright in estates such as Lucian Freud and Stanley Spencer, and established living artists such as Gavin Turk, Maggie Hambling, Bruce McLean, Patrick Hughes and Eileen Cooper RA. 


Snow, West Village, NYC, 2012 (oil on canvas) / © Anthony Butera. All Rights Reserved 2021 / Bridgeman Images


Bridgeman Studio works collaboratively with a selection of our leading contemporary and emerging artists and many will work on specific briefs or commissions.

We have offices in London, New York, Paris, Bologna and Berlin and work with over 40,000 clients worldwide as well as agencies who operate on our behalf in regions like south-east Asia, Japan, and South America.

We don’t operate as an agency, rather we work more broadly without a house style, offering a wide range of artistic styles and curated content to specific client sectors.


bream, fish, on canvas / © Jocasta Shakespeare. All rights reserved 2021 / Bridgeman Images


Why choose Bridgeman Studio?

We protect the rights of visual artists and pay them royalties that help sustain their practice and livelihood.

Our Artists Team works tirelessly to promote Bridgeman Studio artists via social media and dedicated PR and marketing campaigns. Through carefully curated lightboxes the Studio Artists' work is showcased on a global platform. 

We have a list of over 40,000 clients worldwide. 

We work across multiple licensing sectors including editorial, packaging, branding, graphic design, interior design, marketing and advertising.  See our Images In Action page for examples. 


fluid colours -fluid emotion,2020,(photography) / © Alex Caminker. All Rights Reserved 2021 / Bridgeman Images


Copyright - The Licence
Bridgeman Images administers all licenses using Bridgeman Studio content. These licenses will dictate to the client the agreement for usage of the image. This agreement will also dictate the price that the client will pay to the Bridgeman, which is split with the Bridgeman Studio artist on a flat fee basis.


Copyright always remains with the artist and is fully credited. Bridgeman will never assign copyright when licensing.

The artist will receive 50% of the copyright fee the client is charged, as well as 50% of the reproduction fee.


Misty Landscape, 2020, (Indian ink) / © Charlotte Orr. All Rights Reserved 2021 / Bridgeman Images


Your Bridgeman Studio Profile

Customizable artist page, displaying your profile picture, biography, exhibitions and news

Compare your monthly sales and see who is looking at and licensing your images with the Reporting Tool

Be featured in a studio visit or monthly image highlights


Blue on Green / © Mario Sughi. All rights reserved 2021 / Bridgeman Images


How do I join?
To begin your Registration, go to the Registration Page. You will be required to Pre-Register by submitting a selection of images which will be reviewed by the Bridgeman Studio team along with an assessment of your existing online presence. 
•    This may take a couple of days, so we will contact you.
•    Artists are invited to join based on the quality of their work, the quality of their photography, and most importantly, whether we feel we have clients for your images.


Girl on a Swing, India, 2000 (oil on canvas) / © Andrew Macara. All rights reserved 2021 / Bridgeman Images


Can anyone join Bridgeman Studio?

•    Anyone can submit their images for consideration.
•    We evaluate everyone’s images equally from a commercial licensing perspective.
•    The aim of Bridgeman Studio is to curate the best creative content for image licensing and so we look for images that are high-quality, commercially viable for our clients and in line with our reputation across each of our offices.
•    If invited to join as a Bridgeman Studio Artist, you will be asked to complete your registration, following which your images will join our community of successful artists.


The Postman Only Rings, 2016 (oil on canvas) / © Gavin Watson. All Rights Reserved 2021 / Bridgeman Images


Submitting Images
How do I upload my images?
Images are uploaded to Bridgeman Studio via our tailored Image Uploader. Images will be ingested and then appear in your artist's account page where you can use the simple Cataloguer tool to add the relevant cataloging and keyword information.
Where will my images be available?
Your images will appear in the Bridgeman Images archive, the world’s leading rights-managed resource for images and footage.


Image Ingestion Guidelines
Image File Checklist

•    All images must be between 50-90MB in size
•    All images must be at least 3000 pixels on one side
•    300dpi files
•    Jpeg  format only (.jpg)
•    Colour Profile: sRGB/ Adobe RGB
•    Colour Space: RGB files
•    Colour Ratio: 24 bit (8 per channel


Bridgeman Commission
Due to continuing demand from our existing clients, we have developed a simple, quick and rights-managed solution for commissioning. We provide our artists a brief from a client and a set time period, advance and brief for you to work from.


You have questions or need help? Contact us