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Switzerland Hermann Hesse (b/w photo)
Stringer (STR)
black and white photograph
1947 AD (C20th AD)
The English author, poet and Nobel laureate in literature of the year 1946, Hermann Hesse is celebrating his 70th birthday on July 2, 1947, within the family and friend's circle at his hosts (Mister and miss Wassmer) at castle Bremgarten nearby Berne, where he has been awarded the honorary doctor of the university of Berne and the honorary membership of the body of students of the city of Berne in a festive ceremony. Starting from the left clockwise around the table: Hesse's daughter-in-law Isa Hesse (wife of Heiner); Hesse's sister Adele Gundert-Hesse; the daughter-in-law Isabelle Hesse (wife of Martin); his former ex-wife Ninon Hesse; Otto Basler, the HESSE biographer; Max Wassmer, host and art's patron of Berne; the granddaughter and granddaughter daughter Heiners and with his back to the photographer, Hermann Hesse's son, Martin Hesse.
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Photopress Archiv/Keystone / Bridgeman Images
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