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RESEARCH BOF Primary election campaign day, Wallace in Florida, 1972

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RESEARCH BOF Primary election campaign day, Wallace in Florida, 1972

Shows the campaign of George Wallace speaking to the Florida voters and later in a hospital bed after being shot. Street scenes from the early 1970äó»s. Other Democratic Primary hopefuls were Senator Muskie, Sam Yorty, Mayor of Los Angeles, and Senator Hartke. On the Republican side Senator John Ashbrook and Pete McCloskey enters the race. Shows Democratic Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and her campaign workers in Florida. Shows Henry Jackson speaking to voters in Florida. Shows Hubert Humphrey speaking to voters. Shows McGovern on whistle stop train tour. Incumbent President Nixon speaks to Congress, at a press conference, and with the Apollo 16 Astronauts. People shown working in local campaign offices and passing out campaign literature on the streets. McGovern nominated at Democratic National Convention and Senator Thomas Eagleton picked as his running mate. Eagleton later withdrew due to disclosure he had been hospitalized with a nervous disorder early in his career. Sargent Shriver replaced Eagleton. Shows demonstrators Miami, Florida marching with banner äóìWomen In Revoltäó.Demonstrators against Vietnam War and demonstrators supporting Vietnam War march. Scenes of Democratic and Republican National Convention. Nixon and Agnew ticket. Excellent 7-second clip of hand making a snow cone and handing it to a little girl in a crowd of children in this film.

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