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Discover how Bridgeman images have been used by clothing companies around the world
Bridgeman archive used by German magazine for cat eye-inspired glasses.
Bridgeman has licensed images as set design for the film Viceroy's House, showing in cinemas from 3rd March.
Bridgeman Footage has licensed footage for the Wall to Wall series 'Further Back in Time for Dinner', now showing on BBC2.
ITV's use Bridgeman Studio for new drama series The Good Karma Hospital.
Seventh Art Productions use Bridgeman Images to bring the Impressionist's life and work to a wider audience
Interesting cases from around the world
Take a look at our Bridgeman Studio artist's calendar for Japan
Bridgeman Images licensed for Christmas cards.
Bridgeman Images supports creative initiatives such as the start-up LASKO, with whom we have established a partnership.
Bridgeman Images licenses Renoir paintings for Japanese exhibitions.
Bridgeman Images content is available as art prints on