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Before and After: Alexander von Humboldt in "TV Listening and Seeing".
Dive into our case study on Fred Olsen's cruise ship with images from our Bridgeman Studio artists
Bridgeman have licensed an image for a striking Rampley & Co pocket square
Bridgeman archive used by German magazine “Spiegel Geschichte”
Check out the various wine labels and alcohol packaging we have licensed images for.
M&S use tapestries as inspiration for Autumn product collection
Bridgeman's Wyndham Lewis' images used for IMW North exhibition
Take a look at our Bridgeman Studio artist's Mediterranean-inspired calendar
Bridgeman has licensed images for novels by historical novelist Philippa Gregory
Bridgeman archive used by German psychology and wellness magazine “Einfach Sein”
Bridgeman has licensed images for an advertising campaign for FRISK mints.
Historical footage for Billy Wilder documentary