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Collection Spotlight: Lebrecht Music & Arts Photo Library

Founded in 1992, Lebrecht Picture Library is the world's most comprehensive image bank for every kind of music ever created  - classical music, jazz, opera, rock music,musical instruments, notation, Broadway musicals, dance and ballet.


The Magic Flute (photo) / Photo © Daniel González Acuña / Bridgeman Images

The core collection covers every aspect of the lives and works of composers and authors, the concert halls and coffee houses where they worked, the societies they lived in - from Chopin to Chagall, Pink Floyd to Stalin,  Plato to Nabokov.


Plato - illustrated portrait / Bridgeman Images


Not just Gustav Mahler, for example, but every musician he knew and fought with, all his friends and lovers, everywhere he lived, whatever he read and wore, his favourite places in the world. 


Alan Held as Wotan (photo) / Photo © Daniel González Acuña / Bridgeman Images

Whether it’s a private moment from Mahler’s family album or a scene from the premiere of Der Rosenkavalier or Man on the Moon, it will be in the Lebrecht collection.

It also has an extensive archive for literature and historical personalities.


John Wilkes - portrait / Bridgeman Images


 Jane Hading as Josephine / Bridgeman Images



We are also delighted to be able to offer the not just the content but the expertise behind the Lebrecht collection, with ex-Lebrecht account executive Daria joining the Bridgeman team! Do contact Daria for any requests or questions regarding the Lebrecht archive.


Hall Caine 's play / Bridgeman Images


More and more images from Lebrecht are being added all the time. We will be sure to keep you up to date with new material!


See more historical and literary images from the Lebrecht collection
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