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What awaits us next year?

Considering what 2020 has given us so far, Bridgeman Images has developed a certain interest in 2021 horoscope predictions. While waiting for almanacs and astrology magazines to start appearing at the newsagent, we came up with our own Horoscope predictions for 2021.


Zodiaco, Oroscopo, Zodiac, Horoscope, Image
Zodiac: from The Portolan of Admiral Coligny Musee Conde, Chantilly, France / Bridgeman Images


Not wanting to compete with Russell Grant horoscope, we will limit ourselves to a semi-serious list dedicated to the strengths of the various signs of the zodiac and we will try to inspire you with images and photos of horoscope signs from our archive, from medieval frescoes to contemporary illustrations.

Images and photos of horscope signs


Aries, Horoscope, images and pictures 2021

Enthusiastic and optimistic, two aspects of your caracter that turned out very useful this year and which will probably be extra-valuable again next year

Illustration of the star sign Aries
Illustration of Aries zodiac sign  © Patrizia Laporta / Bridgeman Images



Taurus Horoscope, images and pictures 2021

A sign that desire a quiet and relaxing life: you might get better luck with this in 2021.

Taurus, Horoscope, illustration
Taurus, Celestial Cow, 2008 / Private Collection / © Charlie Baird




Gemini Horoscope, images and pictures 2021

Curious and enthusiastic, always interested in discovering the world out there. Remember: you can also discover something of the outside world from your own balcony.

Illustration Horoscope: the sign of the gemini. / Photo © Patrizia Laporta / Bridgeman Images
Horoscope image: Gemini © Patrizia Laporta / Bridgeman Images



Cancer Horoscope, images and pictures 2021

Very sensitive, Cancer often likes to indulge into memories of the past. A firendly advise: avoid 2020's memories.

illustration of the sign Cancer, zodiac, astrology
Illustration of the Cancer sign © Patrizia Laporta / Bridgeman Images



Leo Horoscope, images and pictures 2021

Generous and proud, he wants to stand out from other: that's fine Leo, in 2021 you can still post selfies of yourself looking cool in the lift.

illustration of Star Sign, zodiac sign, Leo, Cristina Rodriguez
Illustrazione del segno zodiacale del Leone © Cristina Rodriguez / Bridgeman Images



Virgo Horoscope, images and pictures 2021

Organizers by nature, Virgos can't sit idle and need to feel useful. Top tip: in 2021, start a YouTube channel with DIY videos. It is easily managed from home.

Zodiac sign Virgo, painting, oil on linen, illustration, modern
Image for the zodiac sign Virgo, 2006 / Private Collection / © Annael Anelia 



 Libra Horoscope, images and pictures 2021

Discreet and balanced, but also loves to attract admiring glances. Libra, yours is the coolest mask in town.

Costellazione bilancia- Constellation of Libra - Plate extracted from the Mirror of Urania by Jehoshaphat Aspin - 1825 Urania's Mirror, by Jehoshaphat Aspin, 1825 / Photo © Novapix / Bridgeman Images
Image of the Constellation of Libra - illustration from the Mirror of Urania by Jehoshaphat Aspin - 1825 © Novapix / Bridgeman Images



Scorpio Horoscope, images and pictures 2021

Strong, rebellious and nonconformist personality. We saw you performing on balconies, next year take your strength out and about.


October, The Scorpion, 1898 / Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA
Scorpio, 1898's illustration by Henri Georges Jean Isidore Meunier / Museum of Fine Arts, Boston



Sagittarius Horoscope, images and pictures 2021

Cheerful and carefree, his good mood is often contagious. Come forward, we need you!


Sagittario, Illustrazione, oroscopo, zodiaco, segno zodiacale
Horoscope: Sagittarius star sign illustration by Patrizia La Porta. / Photo © Patrizia Laporta



Capricorn Horoscope, images and pictures 2021

Skeptical and cautious, wears mask, gloves, visor and keeps the safe distance (even while driving!)


Illustration, photo, photograph of the zodiac sign Capricorn
Capricorn, Steenbok 1944  Pyke Koch (1901-91) / Private Collection © Christie's Images / Bridgeman Images



Aquarius Horoscope, images and pictures 2021

Selfless, generous, always tries to make the world a better place. Aquarius, you will have a lot to do in 2021 ...


Aquarius. Miniature of a horoscope. 15th century manuscript. Bibl. Trivulziana, Milan.
Aquarius, miniature from an horoscope manuscript
Biblioteca Trivulziana, Milano © Giancarlo Costa / Bridgeman Images



Pisces Horoscope, images and pictures 2021

Extremely anxious people who know how to adapt quickly to new situations. Pisces please, leave some toilet paper to the rest of the zodiac as well.

Constellation of Pisces, from 'Uranometria' by Johann Bayer, engraved by Alexander Mair
Pisces constellation, illustration from 'Uranometria' by Johann Bayer


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