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Lady Anne Howard, Lady Bedingfeld (1649/50-1682)

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Lady Anne Howard, Lady Bedingfeld (1649/50-1682)
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Wissing, Willem (1656-87) (after) / Dutch
Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk, UK
oil on canvas
124.5x100.3 cms
Image description

after Willem Wissing (Amsterdam 1656 - Burghley House 1687). Oil painting on canvas, Lady Anne Howard, Lady Bedingfeld (1649/50-1682) after Willem Wissing (Amsterdam 1656 - Burghley House 1687). 19th century. Three-quarter-length portrait of a young woman, seated figure, turned slightly to the left, head slightly inclined to the right, gazing at the spectator, she wears a white decollete bodice has elbow-length sleeves, the right on of which is caught with a jewel, while the left one is loose. Her red overdress is anchored on her left shoulder with a clip, but slips down off the other shoulder, and is loose-fitting. A blue, fringed-with-gold length of drapery is flung over her knees. Her curly, dark hair has a length of fine, gold fabric attached at the back and falling on to her left shoulder. A wooded background is set against an evening sky, top left, and balances the flowers on her left, to which Lady Anne points with her right hand. Inscribed 'Only daughter of Charles Howard, Earl of Suffolk. First wife of Sir Henry Bedingfeld, 2nd Bart, Ob 1682 aetat 32', l.r. White catalogue number '85' l.r. Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk (Accredited Museum)

Photo credit
National Trust Photographic Library / Bridgeman Images
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Painting / Mzpainting
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