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Why choose Bridgeman Images?

Bridgeman Images is the world's leading source of videos, photographs and illustrations from the past and present world of art, culture and history.


Bridgeman Images represents nearly 1,500 artists for licensing rights in the publishing, editorial, advertising, television, design and product sectors.

We also administer the copyright of estates such as Lucian Freud, Stanley Spencer, Brett Weston and Anne Truitt and established contemporary artists such as Gavin Turk, Maggi Hambling, Patrick Hughes and Eileen Cooper RA.


Ib and her Husband, 1992 (oil on canvas)
Ib and her Husband, 1992 (oil on canvas) / © The Lucian Freud Archive. All Rights Reserved 2023 / Bridgeman Images

We do not operate as an agency. We work more broadly, offering a wide range of artistic styles and selected content to specific client sectors.


Our mission? To offer the best of art and culture in the world - in print - to support museums, artists and collections.


An international network


We have offices in London, New York, Paris, Bologna and Berlin and work with over 40,000 clients worldwide, as well as agencies operating on our behalf in regions such as South East Asia, Japan and South America.

No other source can match the depth and breadth of Bridgeman Images' collection of historical and contemporary art images. We have dedicated teams who have built strong relationships with museums and contemporary studio artists and actively seek out new sources of content every day.


La ligne méridienne également connue sous le nom de La Sieste, 1888-1889
La ligne méridienne également connue sous le nom de La Sieste, 1888-1889 (Huile sur toile) / © Frank Buffetrille. All rights reserved 2023 / Bridgeman Images


Many partners


We work with all the actors of the world of arts and culture such as historical societies, great museums, galleries, universities, image collectors or auction houses. Our photographic reproductions allow many hidden treasures to be accessible to the greatest number of people for the first time.


Discover our images from museums and collections


Our partners include :




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