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Standing Loading Position and On Guard Front., 1914 (lantern slide)

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Standing Loading Position and On Guard Front., 1914 (lantern slide)
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Unknown photographer, (20th century)
National Army Museum, London
1914 AD (C20th AD)
Image description

Standing Loading Position and On Guard Front., 1914. Lantern slide, World War One, Home Front (1914-1918), 1914. According to the ‘Musketry Regulations’ of 1909 (reprinted with minor amendments in 1914) the purpose of musketry training was to render the individual soldier proficient in the use of small-arms, to make him acquainted with the capabilities of the weapon with which he was armed, and to give him confidence in its power and accuracy. The recruits’ course of instruction included a general description of the rifles (usually the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Marks III and IV) and ammunition used, the care of arms, the theory of rifle fire, aiming and firing, visual training and judging distance. From a box of 43 lantern slides associated with musketry drill.

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© National Army Museum / Bridgeman Images
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recruitment / drill / black and white / photograph / lantern slide / Photograph / Photography / Mzphoto
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