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Dziga Vertov - Man with a Movie Camera, 1936 (photo)

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Dziga Vertov - Man with a Movie Camera, 1936 (photo)
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Unknown photographer, (20th century)
1936 AD (C20th AD)
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Dziga Vertov /Vertof, pseudonym of David Abelevich Kaufman, directed the film Man with the Movie Camera (1929) where his brother Mikhail Kaufman poses with a camera taking a self-portrait. This is a still from the film. DV was newsreel director, cinema theorist and Soviet pioneer of documentary film: 2 January 1896-12 February 1954. Mikhail Abramovich Kaufman, Russian cinematographer and photographer 1897-March 11, 1980 . (Shortly after the filming of Man with the Movie Camera, Kaufman and Vertov fell out with each other over artistic differences. ) Documentary Film, by Paul Rotha, Faber and Faber, 1936, plate opposite p91.

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Lebrecht Authors / Bridgeman Images
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20th century / communism / man / film director / cinema / Russia / film shooting / U.S.S.R / photo
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