Sherri Jackson

Sherri, one of our Account Managers in New York sheds light on her favourite archive highlights, from architecture to animation.

What is your role at Bridgeman Images?
As Inside Sales Rep in the NY office I handle inbound sales from various sectors, support the account managers with leads and follow-ups, advise clients on licensing, copyright and rights clearances, prepare quotes, process orders and image research if needed.

What do you love most about your job?
I work with an awesome team and being relatively new here I’ve learned a lot about Bridgeman’s content and licensing of their images from the sales side of the fence.

What misconceptions do clients most commonly have about the archive?
I feel the main misconception about the archive is that many don’t realize that Bridgeman Images is so much more than fine art and historical images. I experienced this first hand in the past while working at an educational publishing company as a photo researcher.


Sherri's top picks are...

1. Billie Holiday (oil on Canvas), by Kaaria Mucherera

Billie Holiday (1915-59) (oil on canvas) © Kaaria Mucherera

Jazz singer Billie Holiday’s signature voice landed her in Harlem nightclubs, the Broadway stage, recording Lady Sings the Blues and a legacy of great music from the 1930 to 1950s. I really love this intriguing B&W oil on canvass painting of her by contemporary artist Kaaria Mucherera.  His shadows he captured the mystery and unhappiness in her eyes.

2. Architecture: The Newly Opened Titanic Museum

Titanic Quarter, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.
Chris Hill / National Geographic Image Collection

The Titanic Belfast museum somewhat resembles a beautiful iceberg covered with glistening silver shards. It sits in the former shipyard in Northern Ireland where the RMS Titanic was built reflecting Belfast's ship making history and legacy of Harland & Wolff. I think this is such a beautiful photograph with the texture of the building catching the colors of the sunset.

3. 59th C, Danny K Lloyd

59th C, 2009, photograph © Danny K Lloyd / Bridgeman Images

Danny K. Lloyd is a unique photographer who shows a lot of grit in his photos. Many are of the concrete jungles, grimy streets, corner bodegas, old pay phones, rusty cars and the old Queensboro Bridge here in NYC.  This shot takes you back to a time of the checkered cab way before the ride-share way of today, when life seemed a bit simpler.

4. 0360, Razorday

0360, 2011, photograph, Razorday / Bridgeman Images

I think graffiti can sometimes be so pretty. In this case the beautiful colors and shapes probably tell a story from within the artist’s soul that may only be for he/she to know. The photo shows off its kaleidoscope of beautiful colors.

5. BB King

B.B. King performs at the 38th Montreux Jazz Festival,
in Montreux, 06 July 2004 / Bridgeman Images

I love this picture of the King of the Blues, B.B. King taking it all in on stage. Always playing his trusty sidekick, “Lucille” who never let him down even when life got in the way. I met him years ago while working in a recording studio and he was truly a gentle soul.


6. Snip & Snap in Top Dogs, Halas and Batchelor

Snip and Snap in Top Dogs, Halas and Batchelor / Bridgeman Images

I thought this Stop Motion animation footage from the 1960s was super creative and very cute. One of the prizewinning episodes of 26 adventure stories made for small children and animated by the Danish paper sculptor Thok. 

The paper puppies named Snip and Snap appear to come alive and are actually physically manipulated in small increments between individually photographed frames and appear to move when played back quickly. This technique is still being used today, perhaps most famously by companies like Laika and Aardman.  


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