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Rights & Clearance

Streamlined Rights & Clearance Solutions for Enhanced Coverage and Security


Our new Rights & Clearance services are available to Bridgeman Images' clients worldwide, in partnership with Six Degrees & Fairplay. Whether you're a creative professional, an advertiser, a set designer, or a publisher, our tailored solutions are designed to meet your unique requirements. Explore the possibilities of our Rights & Clearance services and elevate the security and coverage of your projects.

How it can work for you:

  • You are a set designer, working on a TV series, and need to be sure that your image selection is cleared for use.
  • You are an art director and want to use a personality for your client’s next ad campaign.
  • You are a publisher, preparing a book on contemporary art, and want to check you have the proper permissions and licenses.
  • You are a product or fashion designer, planning a collection that draws inspiration from iconic works of art, and you need to secure permissions from artists or their estates.

Our goal is to simplify the complex landscape of rights and clearances, allowing you to use more of our content with peace of mind, and empowering you to focus on your creativity.

Comprehensive Services to Streamline Your Workflow

Our Rights & Clearance service offers a range of essential solutions designed to streamline your workflow and protect your projects:

  1. Content, Talent, and 3rd Party Clearances: Ensure all necessary clearances are obtained, including rights for talent and third-party assets.
  2. License Agreement Legal Services: Benefit from expert legal support to create and review license agreements tailored to your specific requirements.
Skippy Signs Contract, Hollywood, California, 1937
Skippy Signs Contract, Hollywood, California, 1937 (b/w photo) / Underwood Archives/UIG / Bridgeman Images

A Collaborative Approach to Rights Clearance

By joining forces with Six Degrees & Fairplay, Bridgeman Images brings together the expertise and specializations of industry leaders. This collaboration ensures that our clients benefit from a comprehensive offering that addresses the challenges of rights and clearances in today's demanding market.

Ready to Simplify Rights & Clearances? Contact Us Today!

Experience the benefits of our industry-leading Rights & Clearances service. Contact our team today to discuss your specific needs and discover how we can support your projects with streamlined processes, enhanced coverage, and peace of mind. Let Bridgeman Images be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of rights management and clearances.