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Represented Artists: Bridgeman Artists and Estates

Artists and their estates subscribe to this service to benefit from our technical and commercial know-how. We promote their images to an international clientele and manage their rights.


Lucian Freud working in his studio
Working at Night, 2005 (photo) / © David Dawson. All rights reserved 2023 / Bridgeman Images


Bridgeman not only represents thousands of museums and artists directly, but we also seek to develop direct relationships with the estates and artists whose works we represent through a variety of sources.

Through these relationships, Bridgeman is able to improve caption, title and copyright data and ensure that we have the highest quality transparencies and digital files available for reproduction.

The benefits of this system are numerous, including eliminating forgeries, providing copyright information and ensuring that the image files are the most accurate presentation of the work as approved by the estate.


How does Bridgeman Artists and Estate work?


Artists entrust us with a selection of images and we manage the licensing at our discretion. It is also possible for us to manage all of the copyrights. This flexibility allows us to build a rich and fascinating collection.

Our clients appreciate the ease of use of this service: we handle the licensing and royalties, so they can be sure that they have all the rights they need for their project.


Represented Artists


We offer instant copyright clearance for over 1,500 Bridgeman Artists and Estates.

Many of these artists and photographers are also available exclusively for commission, allowing your project to have bespoke imagery for a truly unique touch. 


Discover our Bridgeman Artists


Tongues (Holy Rollers), 1929 (oil on canvas)
Tongues (Holy Rollers), 1929 (oil on canvas), Motley Jr., Archibald J. (1891-1981) / Private Collection / © Chicago History Museum / © Estate of Archibald John Motley Jr. All reserved rights 2023 / Bridgeman Images


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