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Rescue of survivors of the sinking of the US Navy submarine O5 (colour litho)

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Rescue of survivors of the sinking of the US Navy submarine O5 (colour litho)
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Ortelli, Alfredo (1889-1963) / Italian
Private Collection
colour lithograph
Image description

Rescue of survivors of the sinking of the US Navy submarine O5. The submarine sank near the entrance to the Panama Canal after a collision with a steamship. Three of the five man crew drowned in the accident, but after 31 hours the vessel was raised from the sea bed by the crane barge Ajax. The remaining two crewmen were saved having taking refuge in the torpedo room which had not flooded. Il sommergibile degli Stati Uniti O 5, affondato nel canale di Panama da un piroscafo, dopo trentuna ora e stato in parte sollevato per mezzo di una gru. Dei cinque uomini rimasti prigionieri nello scafo, tre furono trovati annegati ma due poterono essere estratti vivi da un compartimento non invaso dall'acqua. Illustration for Illustrazione del Popolo, 18 November 1923.

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© Look and Learn / Bridgeman Images
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accident / boat / transport / USA / North America / America (continent) / barge / 20th century / salvage / survival / rescued / rescuing / crane / submarine / sea / sailors / survivors / rescue / us navy / rescuers / atlantic ocean / dramatic / sinking / diving suit / saved / saving / ajax
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