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Unedited HD footage 1950's America: of the School Classroom, Modern Farming and the Full-Service Gas...

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Unedited HD footage 1950's America: of the School Classroom, Modern Farming and the Full-Service Gas Station
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Unedited footage. Scenes of school age children entering one room country school. Scenes of faculty and students in cap and grown at graduation exercise. Mother and son in cap and gown embrace. Various school and classroom scenes. Shows the filming of classroom instructions for use by teachers. Teachers teach via educational television. Men and women looks at outdoor display of statues and objects of art. Kids in art class young children in dance class. Modern Farming: Shows different types of farm machinery used in the 1950’s. Caterpillar bulldozer moving earth, man using hand plow, tractor pulling a plow, baling hay, cultivators, combines, fruit sprayers, manure spreader, dairy scenes, man milking cows by hand, and milk bottlers. Driver's point of view (pov) of highway. Automobile drives into full service gasoline station. Sign reads “Regular 23.9 cents, all taxes included. Driver's point of view (pov) as car stops at gasoline pump service station attendants began cleaning windshield. Automobile tank filled, quart of engine oil is added, and radiator fluid is topped off. Shows steam coming from engine compartment from overheated engine. Old fashion water bucket with spout. Service station attendant vacuums interior of car. Face of gasoline display indicating sales amount. Air hose used to inflate automobile tire. Automobile lifted by hydraulic hoist. Scene of candy vending machine. Scene of coffee vending machine. Automobile moving through car wash. Front view of 1957 Oldsmobile vehicle exiting car wash. Image of a highway road map. Front view of a Ford Edsel automobile. 1957 Chrysler automobile entering traffic. Driver's point of view (pov) of two lane highway and four lane highway.

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Bridgeman Images
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20th century / agriculture / tree / fog / weather / plough / colour / USA / North America / America (continent) / farm / apple / fruit / food / footage / 20th century / classroom activity / african american / advertising / two lane / pesticide / adults / coke / city / fifties / manure spreader / post-war / trees / candy / petrol / cars / oil industry / sweets / female / girl / women / schools / milk bottlers / dairy / 50s / petroleum / highway / men / young / tractor / graduation / tyres / baby boomers / commercials / combines / fruit sprayers / muck / parents / color / historic / automobiles / education / art objects / cows / milking cows / black america / camera equipment / fifties cars / engines / gasoline / 1950s / maps / coffee / high definition / square / plow / air hose / modern farming machinery / cultivators / teenagers / tire / snacks / vacuum / afro-american / coca cola / cash register / youth / tills / woman / educational television / plough / town / hand plow / traffic / hydraulics / car wash / footage / busy roads / teen culture / park square / snowy field / teaching / girls / moving earth / caterpillar bulldozer / bovine / colour / silent / baling hay / fashion / bucket and spout / communication / americans / teens / crops / esso / gvs / autos / c20 / usa / ford edsel / chrysler / povs / oldsmobile / 1957 / 1950 / wgrh tv / video / clip
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