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The Apostle of the Tormented Childhood has died (Colour Litho)

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The Apostle of the Tormented Childhood has died (Colour Litho)
Taber, Giorgio (1904-2002) / Italian
Private Collection
colour lithograph

The Apostle of the Tormented Childhood has died. In Milan, won by a terrible disease, Don Carlo Gnocchi died at the age of just 54. A valiant chaplain in Russia, as soon as he returned to his homeland I seek and help the orphans of his Alpine troops; then he expanded his business by collecting mutilatines and mestizos, innocent victims of the war; I created for them the Opera Pro Iuventute; recently I founded the Pilot Center for the assistance and re-education of small polio patients. Don Gnocchi has closed His noble existence by offering the eyes of two blind boys so that they can see. Illustration for Courier Sunday, 11 March 1956.

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© Look and Learn / Bridgeman Images

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