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The notes from Charlie's bugle rang out clear and loud'. Charles Ernest Timmins, Bugler Royal...

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The notes from Charlie's bugle rang out clear and loud'. Charles Ernest Timmins, Bugler Royal Marine Light Infantry, at age 14 (Born 7th Dec. 1902), served on the C-class light cruiser H.M.S Cardiff. On the 17th of November 1917 HMS Cardiff was involved in a light cruiser action off Heligioland. The mission objective was to surprise the enemy, and try and force him into action. The ships bugler Charles Timmins was killed while he was sounding the alert. A piece of shrapnel from a shell blew a hole in Cardiff's funnel and pierced his bugle.
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British Library, London, UK
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Brave Boys and Girls in Wartime. True stories. Author: Lea, John / London: Blackie & Son, [1918] Source/Shelfmark: 12802.dd.8 page 30 First World War.

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From the British Library archive / Bridgeman Images
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