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Liberation Of Rome, 1944

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Liberation Of Rome, 1944
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1944 AD (C20th AD)
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Liberation Of Rome Reel-1: June 4, 1944 cheering crowds greet the Allied 5th Army as the troops and tanks enter Rome. Shows the Combined Chiefs of Staff planning the Italian Campaign. Animated map shows the Nazi air bases in Italy allowed the Germans to threaten air attacks against Allied shipping in the Mediterranean. Shows German planes at the Foggia airfield complex in Italy. Troops of the British 8th army under the command of General Montgomery board troop transport ships for invasion of Italy and land at Reggio Calabria on the toe of Italy. British 8th Army advances north. The Italian navy surrenders to the Allies. Shows invasion convoy of Allied ships in-route to Salerno invasion beachhead. Excellent 4-sec clip of British Spitfire planes flying cover for invasion fleet. Shows Germans on high ground overlooking Salerno. U.S. 5th Army under command of General Mark Clark hit the beach at Salerno under heavy German fire. Shows Germans firing machine guns, mortars, 88 mm artillery. Allied fleet bombards German positions. Planes of the German Luftwaffe bombards the beachhead. Planes of the RAF and 9th American Air Force bomb German troop concentrations. Shows bodies of 5th Army soldiers on beachhead. Patrols of the U.S. 5th Army and the British 8th Army meet near Salerno. The British 8th Army attacked the German's left flank while the U.S. 5th Army moved inland from the Salerno beachhead causing complete retreat by the Germans. Shows General Mark Clark and General Montgomery. Shows Foggia air field after capture by British 8th Army. Map shows how capture of Foggia air field would allow Allied planes to provide air power on the Russian Front. The U.S. 5th Army enters Naples, refugees return to the city. Shows destruction of farm house and removal of bodies of farmer's family after being killed for refusing to give up his livestock to feed German Engineers. U.S. troops fight the rain, mud and swollen Volturno river with little or no forward progress. Shows vehicles bogged down in the mud. Winter brought snow in the mountains. Animated map shows how the Germans defended the passes by laying mine fields, placing machine guns on elevated points, and anti-tank guns to protect the mine fields and machine gun positions. Shows how the Allied Forces were able to capture the passes and advance. Mules used to carry supplies on mountain trails too steep or narrow for vehicles. Nazi film shows hundreds of captured Allied soldiers. Liberation Of Rome Reel-2: Shows 18-day savage tank battle and street fighting in Ortona, Italy between troops of the British 8th Army and German soldiers. The Germans finally retreated. General Eisenhower and General Clark inspect the German defenses at Cassino. Animated map shows the importance of Cassino where the Germans had been ordered to hold at all costs. Shows fighting on Hangman's Hill. Animated map shows the German Gustav defense line. To break the stalemate at Cassino units of the 5th Army made a end run landing behind the Gustav line at Anzio. Shows American and British troops unloading and consolidating the beachhead at Anizo. Shows German General Rommel and German General Kesselring directing the arrival of Nazi infantry and tank reserves to counter the Anizo landing. Shows planes of the German Luftwaffe attacking and bombing the Allied troops and Anizo invasion ships. Allied infantry and artillery was able to beat back German attacks, but paying a heavy price in dead and wounded. Wounded being transported to hospital ship. The Battle of Monte Cassino or Battle For Rome continued. Shows American planes bombing the hilltop abbey of Monte Cassino and later the town of Cassino. British Gen. Alexander directs an artillery bombardment on the Gustav Line. Animated map shows how the Gustav line was shattered by units of the British, Poles, French, and American armies. Shows fierce fighting in Cassino. Cassino falls as the Germans were killed or surrendered. The German pows were exhausted. The tanks and infantry of the U.S. 5th Army rolls toward Rome. Captured German film shows the German Army evacuating Rome. Crowds cheer a free Rome, receives the Pope's blessing, prays, and remembers the dead. Church bells ring.

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Germany / Europe / 1940s / 20th century / Second World War (1939-1945) / war / Italy / Liberation (1944-45) / nazism / Rome / Lazio / victory / black and white / winner / Third Reich / footage
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