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Letter of Sir Edward Dering sending Magna Carta to Sir Robert Cotton (Dover Castle, 10...

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Letter of Sir Edward Dering sending Magna Carta to Sir Robert Cotton (Dover Castle, 10 May 1630.) Very few people can claim to have been sent a copy of Magna Carta, but that is exactly what happened to Sir Robert Cotton on 10 May 1630, when he received this note from his 'affectionate freind and servant' Sir Edward Dering (d. 1644), the lieutenant of Dover Castle. He wrote: I have sent up two of your books, which have much pleasured me: I have here the charter of K. John dated att Running Meade: by the first safe and sure messenger it is your's. So are the Saxon charters, as fast as I can coppy them: but in the meane time I will close K. John in a boxe and send him. Dering shared Sir Robert Cotton's antiquarian interests, and clearly regarded the Cotton library as a suitable home for Magna Carta. Edward Dering's copy can be identified as the nowdamaged Cotton Charter XIII 31A, part of the British Library's collections.
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British Library, London, UK
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Letters addressed to Sir Robert Cotton. Author: Dering, Edward, Sir / 1630 Source/Shelfmark: Cotton Julius C. III, f.143

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From the British Library archive / Bridgeman Images
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event / events / legacy / british library exhibitions / letter / magna carta exhibition / liberty / magna carta anniversary / 17th century / document / british library exhibition
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