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Issuing from the mouth of hell, the rider on the pale horse; John on the...

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Issuing from the mouth of hell, the rider on the pale horse; John on the right; above, the eagle.
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British Library, London, UK
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Apocalypse ('The Queen Mary Apocalypse') England, S. E. (London), or East Anglia. First quarter of the 14th century Language: Anglo Norman Source/Shelfmark: Royal 19 B.XV, f.10v The illuminations include 73 miniatures in colours and gold. Decoration: Initials in gold on blue and rose grounds with penwork decoration in white, some with marginal extensions forming partial borders. Paraphs in rose or blue. Guide letters for initials are visible. See the catalogue for notes on possible artists (in dispute.)

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From the British Library archive / Bridgeman Images
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Bible / Christianity / religion / religious / revelation / biblical / religious books / john the evangelist / named people / colours / personalities / religious movements / people / famous people / color / manuscript / religious groups / christians / religious works / document / religious faiths / religious texts / new testament / colour / religion / john / st john
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