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Ms 1029 The Earth and the Signs of the Zodiac, from 'Livre des Proprietes des...

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Ms 1029 The Earth and the Signs of the Zodiac, from 'Livre des Proprietes des Choses' by Barthelemy l'Anglais (vellum)
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French School, (14th century) / French
Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve, Paris, France
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la terre et le zodiaque; translation in Langue d'Oc of 'De proprietatibus Rerum' probably made for Gaston Phebus (d,1391), comte de Foix; langue provencale; provencal language; shows influence on European ideas of Arabic and Middle-Eastern scholarship; Bartholomeus Anglicus (1203-72) was an early 13th century scholastic scholar of Paris, a member of the Franciscan order. He was the author of the compendium De proprietatibus rerum, dated at 1240, an early forerunner of the encyclopedia. Bartholomew the Englishman; Bartholomaeus

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© Archives Charmet / Bridgeman Images
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bestiary / science / planetary / encyclopedia / manuscript / medieval / planet / astrology / astrological / natural sciences / theology / bartholeme
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