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No 5 Mk I .303 inch rifle, 1945 (rifle, bolt action, .303 in No 5...

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No 5 Mk I .303 inch rifle, 1945 (rifle, bolt action, .303 in No 5 Mk I)
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English School, (20th century) / English
National Army Museum, London
rifle, bolt action, .303 in No 5 Mk I
1945 AD (C20th AD)
Image description

No 5 Mk I .303 inch rifle, 1945. During operations in the Far East the British Army was convinced it needed a lighter, handier rifle for use in the jungle. Developed from 1944 onwards, the No 5 was basically a lightweight and shortened version of the No 4 Rifle, with a large flash eliminator on the muzzle. It continued in use after World War Two (1939-1945) but problems with the fearsome recoil and the zeroing of the sights meant it was not a popular weapon. Although declared an obsolete in July 1947 it continued to be used in Malaya in the 1950s, where the American M2 carbine supplemented it.

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© National Army Museum / Bridgeman Images
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ceremony / presentation
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