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Italian Square with Politician, 1950-1955 (oil on canvas)

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Italian Square with Politician, 1950-1955 (oil on canvas)
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Chirico, Giorgio de (1888-1978) / Italian
Alessandro Vasari
Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome, Lazio, Italy
oil on canvas
1950 AD - 1955 AD (C20th AD)
40x30 cms
Image description

Italian Square with Politician (Piazza d'Italia con uomo politico), by Giorgio De Chirico, 1950-1955, 20th Century, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm Past and Present. Whole artwork view. In the middle of the scene, between two white edifices seen of glimpse, erects a statue representing a man faced backwards on a pedestal; the statue faces a mysterious landscape, where stand out a steam locomotive, a tower and two chimney stacks, one of which emanates a black smoke; the horizon blue sky softens in a golden glare, which enlightens mountains in the distance National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art-GNAM

Photo credit
Mondadori Portfolio/Archivio Vasari/Alessandro Vasari / Bridgeman Images
Image keywords
Chirico Giorgio de (1888-1978) / painter / artist / art / Italy / Europe / standing / chimney (outside) / train / metaphysician / smoke / metaphysical art / oil on canvas / shadow / distance / man / italian painting / all / vapour / pedestal / art / mystery / modern art / date / symbol / porch / external / empty / horizon / vertical / 1950s / painted architecture / foreshortening / italian art / locomotive / painted / dreamlike / mountain chain / perspective / the fifities / sky / politician / picture / twentieth century / no people / back / absence / imaginary / glare / loneliness / signature / painting / plaza / statue / passe / Painting / Mzpainting
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