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Venus in Vulcan's Forge

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Venus in Vulcan's Forge
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Boucher, Francois (1703-70) (after) / French
Upton House, Warwickshire, UK
oil on papier-mâché
37.1x54.9 cms
Image description

after François Boucher (Paris 1703 – Paris 1770). Oil painting on papier-mâché, Venus in Vulcan's Forge, after François Boucher (Paris 1703 – Paris 1770). Vulcan is seated on a red cloak in the centre, holding a sword and hammer; he looks over his left shoulder to Venus, who stands behind him; in front of her Cupid is seated with a dove by an anvil; right, two youths hold up to Vulcan a helmet and a cuirass; in the left back-ground two smiths at a forge. This is a sketch-copy of a painting in the Louvre (La Caze 161) which is signed and dated 1747 but the bizarre support of this sketch, and its colouring, suggest that it was made in the 19th, rather than in the 18th century Upton House, Warwickshire (Accredited Museum)

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National Trust Photographic Library / Bridgeman Images
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