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Basil, from 'Hortus Eystettensis', 1613 (coloured engraving)

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Image title
Basil, from 'Hortus Eystettensis', 1613 (coloured engraving)
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Besler, Basilius (1561-1629) / German
British Library, London, UK
coloured engraving
1613 AD (C17th AD)
Image description

Hortus Eystettensis, sive diligens et accurata omn Author: Besler, Basilius / George Mack, Nuremberg, 1613 Language: Latin Source/Shelfmark: 10.Tab.29, Basil. Image taken from Hortus Eystettensis, sive diligens et accurata omnium plantarum, florum, stirpium, ex variis orbis terr' partibus, singulari studio collectarum, Originally published/produced in George Mack, Nuremberg, 1613.

Photo credit
From the British Library archive / Bridgeman Images
Image keywords
food / plants / herb / flower / flowering plant / organism / basil / hortus eystettensis / leaves / herbs / plant / botanical / foods / illustration / plantae / Engraving / Mzengraving
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