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8th March 1917 (105 Years)
Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin, German general and later aircraft manufacturer, who founded the Zeppelin airship company, died.
8th March 1917 (105 Years)
The Russian Revolution begins.
8th March 1945 (77 Years)
Anselm Kiefer, a German artist, was born.
8th March 1971 (51 Years)
Harold Lloyd, one of the most influential actor of the silent film era together with Chaplin and Keaton, died.
9th March 1934 (88 Years)
Yuri Gagarin, the Russian Cosmonaut and Soviet Pilot, was born.
9th March 1959 (63 Years)
The Barbie doll made its debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York.
9th March 1994 (28 Years)
Charles Bukowski died.
10th March 1913 (109 Years)
Harriet Tubman - abolitionist, humanitarian, and conductor on Underground Railroad, died.
10th March 1948 (74 Years)
Zelda Fitzgerald, American author, poet, dancer, and wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, died.
10th March 1986 (36 Years)
Ray Milland, a Welsh actor and director, died.
11th March 1818 (204 Years)
Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is a novel written by English author Mary Shelley, was published.
11th March 1916 (106 Years)
Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister, is born.
11th March 1955 (67 Years)
Sir Alexander Fleming - the man who first discovered the life-saving drug penicillin - died of a heart attack.
11th March 1989 (33 Years)
Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.
12th March 1863 (159 Years)
Gabriele D'Annunzio, Italian poet, playwright and politician, was born.
12th March 1918 (104 Years)
Moscow becomes the capital of Russia again after Saint Petersburg held this status for 215 years.
12th March 1936 (86 Years)
Patrick Procktor, English painter, printmaker and stage designer, is born.
12th March 1938 (84 Years)
Anschluss (annexation of Austria): German troops marched into Austria unopposed. Hitler now had control of Austria.
12th March 1967 (55 Years)
Achmed Sukarno the Indonesian leader of independence was stripped of his title.
12th March 1967 (55 Years)
Achmed Sukarno the Indonesian leader of independence was stripped of his title.
12th March 2015 (7 Years)
Sir Terence David John Pratchett, English author of fantasy novels, especially comical works, dies aged 66.
13th March 1593 (429 Years)
Georges de La Tour, French painter, was born.
13th March 1864 (158 Years)
Alexej von Jawlensky, Russian painter and printmaker, active in Germany, was born.
13th March 2013 (9 Years)
Pope Francis is elected, in the papal conclave, as the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church.
14th March 1879 (143 Years)
Albert Einstein was born.
14th March 1883 (139 Years)
Karl Marx, philosopher, economist, sociologist, journalist and revolutionary socialist, died.
14th March 1885 (137 Years)
The Mikado a light opera by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, had its first public performance in London.
14th March 1958 (64 Years)
Albert II, Prince of Monaco, son of Prince Ranieri III and Grace Kelly, was born.
14th March 1964 (58 Years)
Jack Ruby, who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, is found guilty and sentenced to the electric chair.
14th March 1991 (31 Years)
Margery Sharp, English writer most famous for The Rescuers series, dies.