Calling all font geeks! Bridgeman's Paris office licensed imagery for this award-winning and swoon-worthy multimedia typography game. 


Click to watch Type:Rider trailer
Click to watch Type:Rider trailer


Type: Rider is an adventure game and interactive puzzle in one, as it retraces the history of typography through a transmedia narrative. Highlighted by a remarkable graphic interface, and illustrated with images licensed from Bridgeman, Type:Rider is a fun game that will appeal not only to designers and font geeks, but anyone interested in the history of conveying ideas and information in written form.

Different media allow the player to have a unique experience and dive into the heart of the history, styles, and techniques of typography. It illuminates the meaning behind fonts we see every day.

Click to view some of the images licensed from Bridgeman


Released in the Fall of 2013, the game won the Award for Artistic Consistency at the European Indie Game Days (EIGD).

Type:Rider is available in the following formats:
• a video game for PC / Mac, smartphones and tablets
• a social game available on Facebook
• an interactive installation designed for educational and cultural facilities



Click to download on iTunes
Click to download on iTunes



Click to download for Android
Click to download for Android



Type:Rider was produced by AGAT FILMS & Cie / Ex Nihilo and co-produced and hosted by Arte. With 20 years of experience and run by nine associate producers, AGAT FILMS & Cie / Ex Nihilo handles all areas of film and multimedia production, including documentary, magazine, web documentary, live shows, TV film & new media.

After playing Type:Rider, you will never opt for that default font again!


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Montage of screen grabs of Tipe:Rider © Agat Films / Ex Nihilo
© Agat Films / Ex Nihilo


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