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The American Society of Picture Professionals named our president, Ed Whitley, the 2012 Picture Professional of the Year. Congrats Ed!

At the annual holiday party on December 10 at the Aperture Foundation Gallery in New York City, ASPP presented Ed Whitley with the 2012 Jane Kinne Picture Professional of the Year award.

In his acceptance, the characteristically humble Ed said, "...I remember coming to the ASPP Christmas party in 2003 when the first such Picture Professional of The Year award was given to the wonderful Jane Kinne after whom this award was subsequently named. Since then the list of recipients has been a veritable who's who of the Picture world. So I feel an enormous honor at being placed alongside them and immense gratitude in accepting this award."


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Image courtesy ASPP


NY, October 15, 2012 -- The ASPP National Board announced that they have selected Edward Whitley, President of The Bridgeman Art Library International, as the recipient of their 2012 Jane Kinne Picture Professional of the Year award.

Ed has been with Bridgeman since 1995. He started as a researcher in their London office and quickly worked his way up to management. In 1999, Bridgeman transferred him from London to New York to head up the fledgling U.S. office. He became president in 2007 and he continues to manage Bridgeman’s New York office.

Ed has been a member of ASPP since 2006 and a longtime patron of the industry. He has supported the association as a volunteer, through sponsorships and with consistent advertising in ASPP’s quarterly magazine, The Picture Professional. For almost a decade, Ed and Bridgeman Art Library have played gracious and generous hosts to the highly attended ASPP Summer party, donating much of their time, resources and financial backing to this event and others.

While always fair and reasonable, Ed stands firm in his convictions and stands up for the rights of picture suppliers. He works diligently to maintain Bridgeman’s reputation in the industry. His outgoing personality and sense of humor engages people; when someone meets Ed they remember him (and vice versa!).

National President Michael Masterson will present Ed with the award in New York at the Chapter’s annual holiday celebration. There will also be a profile of Ed in the next issue of ASPP’s magazine, to be published in late December 2012.

Award recipients are current ASPP members who have established significant contributions to photography, made a single outstanding achievement or provided continuing service to ASPP and its members. The award was renamed in 2007 in honor and remembrance of Jane Kinne, long-time and revered advocate for the professional photography industry.

Congratulations, Ed!



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